Getting Registered for Tennessee Auctions

Follow these steps to successfully register with GovEase. Everyone will have to create a new account to be registered for Tennessee auctions.

First Time Registering? Follow These Steps:

1. Visit

2. Click Login/Register at the top right

3. Click Sign up Now!

4. Complete all registration fields and click save

5. Click on Register next to the entity you want to bid in, on the "Register/Add Auctions" tab.

6. Upload Bank Letter of Credit (this shows the county clerk and master how much you want to be approved for)

7. Click on E-sign for Bidder Verification Form, IRS W-9 Tax Form, and Notice to Tax Sale Bidder.

8. Look over each document and sign electronically.

9. Call the County Tax Office Contact provided to arrange payments and the amount you want to be approved for.

10. Visit the My Registrations tab to check your approval status and verify your approved dollar amount to bid with.

11. Once your approval status goes from pending approval to approved, then you will be able to bid when the time comes.

Here is a video that explains the registration process:

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