Tennessee Live Bidding and Reports

This article only applies to Tennessee live bidding. Other states may have a different type of live bidding. Bidding increments may vary from county to county. The Live Bidding page will be available when the live bidding begins for that specific county/city. For upcoming auction times and dates, please check out the following link: Upcoming Auctions. Also, live bidding will continue until all parcels are auctioned off. This typically excludes weekends and holidays.

*It is important to note that the bidding clock time and the bid increments are set by the county. To see a list of bidding clock times and minimum bid increments per county, please review the Rules of the Auction page. Please do not wait until the last second to bid.*

Follow these steps to bid during the live auction:

1. Log in and click on the Live Bidding tab

2. Wait for the parcel you want to bid on to come up for auction

3. Place your Max Overbid amount in the "Place Bid" box 

4. Another option is to add $50 to the current overbid amount with the "+$50 Quick Bid" button (Carter county will have +$100 Quick Bid)

5. View your screen to see if you are winning or if you have been outbid.

6. The total purchase amount would be the current winning overbid + the face value amount.


Reports You have three options under "Reports"

1.  Bidder Bid Detail: This would be a summary of the pre-bids you set before it goes live. 

2.  Bidder Purchase Detail: This would be a summary of all the parcels you won.

3.  Completed Auctions: This would be a summary of all parcels that have been auctioned off (only available for a short time after the auction).

This video is a guide on live bidding and reports:

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