Georgia Pre-Bidding and Live Bidding

*Please note that this bidding article/video is for Glynn County GA. Other counties may have different bidding methods. The content in this article is subject to change.*


Once prebidding begins and you have been approved by the county, you can begin placing your bids. Prebidding is a way for you to place your max overbids ahead of time to go into the live auction for you. These are what are known as proxy bids, meaning the system will bid for you up to your max overbid. *Note: GovEase will send out an email to inform all bidders when auction files are available for prebidding and there will be a notification on the Updates tab at the top right of the screen once logged in. 

Follow these steps to prebid before the auction goes live:

1. Log in and click on Preview Auctions.

2. Find the parcel or parcels you want to bid on and put in your Max Overbid amount

3. Click Submit Max Overbid

4. Verify your bid was placed. Your bid will display in green under the My Bid Details column.  To verify, you can view your prebids in the Bidder Max Bid Detail page under Reports. 

Please note that you are not putting in your total bid amount, you are only putting in the max amount of overbid your willing to go up to. 

For Example if the face value (taxes owed plus any fees or penalties) is $300 and the total you wan to bid on that parcel is $1,000 then you would put in $700 in the Max Overbid box and then click submit. This would tell our system that you are willing to pay the face value amount and that you are willing to go up to another $700 on top of that.  When live bidding begins for that parcel, the auction system will bid you at $300 and continue to automatically bid for you upwards to your max of $700. If no one bids against you, you would win at the face value of $300. Only when someone is bidding against you, will it work its way up to your max overbid. 

Uploading Bids

An added feature with the GovEase auction website is that you can download the entire auction file for that county/entity and upload hundreds or thousands of max overbids at one time. You can place max overbids on every parcel if you would like.  *Note: This feature is available for  pre-bidding  only. The Upload Bids feature is not available during live auction hours. 

Keep in mind this is an optional feature. You do not have to use this feature to place a bid. The Upload Bids feature is for those bidders who want to place a large amount of max overbids at one time. This may not be useful if the parcel count for a county is low.

Here is how to Upload Bids:

  1. Under AUCTIONS, select "Upload Bids"
  2. Verify you have the appropriate county/entity selected
  3. Under Step 1, select the "Click to Download" button to download the auction file
  4. Input your Max Overbids in the column titled "Max Overbid"
  5. Save the file
  6. Under Step 2, click the "Choose File" button and select your file you just saved
  7. Click the "Upload Bids" button
  8. Read over the summary, then click "Place Bids"
  9. Verify bids were placed by visiting Bidder Max Bid Detail under the Reports tab or view them in green on the Preview Auctions page

Live Bidding

This page will be available when the live bidding begins.  *Note: If you submitted Max Overbids on the Preview Auctions page, the system will automatically place your bids during the live auction and will continue until it reaches your max overbid amount. Live online bidding will begin April 7th at 10:00 A.M. EST. Please note that live bidding is all done online, you do not need to come to the courthouse, everything is done online and should be done at the comfort of your home or office.

Follow these steps to bid during the live auction:

1. Log in and click on the Live Bidding tab

2. Wait for the parcel you want to bid on to come up for auction

3. Place your Max Overbid amount in the "Submit Max Overbid" box 

4. Another option is to "+$50 Quick Bid",  this option will add fifty dollars to the Current Overbid amount.

5. View your screen to see if you are winning (in green) or if you have been outbid (in yellow)

Please note each parcel will come up one at a time for 1 minute. If there is a bid placed below 10 seconds the clock will reset to 10 seconds. This prevents any bidders from trying to snipe a bid in at the last second.

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