Creating an Account and Registration

The first thing any bidder will have to do with GovEase is to create an account. If you already have an account with GovEase, there is no reason to create another account. You can log into your existing account and register for a specific county when that county opens up registration. The training videos and article for this page are generic, to get more detailed information please refer to our state-specific training articles and videos here State Specific Training

First Time With GovEase? Follow These Steps To Create An Account:

1. Visit

2. Click Sign Up/Log In at the top right

3. Click Sign Up

4. Create your account by completing all fields that apply to you.

5. Next, click in the box to agree to the GovEase Terms & Conditions

6. If everything was completed, click "sign up" at the bottom and then you can proceed to auction registration.

Here Is A Video On How To Create An Account:

Registering for an Auction

We will notify bidders when registration opens up for certain county/city auctions through email and onsite updates. If you already have an account, you do not have to create a new one. However, you do have to register for county/city auctions each year by completing all required documents. 

First Time Registering? Follow These Steps:

1. Visit

2. Click Sign Up/Log In at the top right

3. Assuming you have an account already, type in your email and password and click login

4. Click on Register/Add Auctions under My Account

5. Click on Register beside the county/city auction you want to participate in

6. Depending on the county/city auction, electronically sign all documents and/or upload all documents

7. Be sure to read any instructions or notes on getting approved on the registration page.

8. Once GovEase and the county has everything they need, visit the My Registrations page to check your approval status and verify your approved dollar amount.

9. Once it says Approved next to the county you signed up for, then you are good to bid in that county when bidding begins.

Here Is A Video On How To Get Registered and Approved To Bid:

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