Tennessee Pre-Bidding

Pre-bidding allows you to preset your max overbids ahead of time, and they will go into the live auction for you. This article applies to Tennessee pre-bidding only. Different states may have different requirements regarding pre-bidding. Bidding increments may vary from county to county. Once pre-bidding begins and the county has approved you, you can begin placing your bids. *Note: GovEase will send out an email to inform all bidders when auction files are available for pre-bidding.  

Follow these steps to pre-bid before the auction goes live:

1. Log in and click on Auctions.

2. Find the parcel or parcels you want to bid on and put in your Max Overbid, which is a proxy bid. 

3. Click Place Bid - you are putting in the max overbid amount here, not the total bid amount.

4. Verify your max overbid was placed. Your bid will display under the My Bid column along with the overbid percentage, or you can view the Bidder Bid Detail page under Reports.

This video is a guide on pre-bidding:

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