Grant County Washington Mobile Home Distraint Sale Training

This training article is for Grant County, WA Mobile Home Distraint Sale. There may be different registration requirements and bidding methods for different counties in Washington. Follow these steps to successfully register with GovEase for the upcoming Mobile Home Distraint Sale. The sale will take place from September 27th 8:00 AM - September 29th 2:00 PM Pacific Time.

To register follow the steps below. You will have to upload or electronically sign all the required registration documents for that particular county. Also, Grant County is requiring deposits being made to the after you register online.  

First Time Registering? Follow These Steps:

1. Visit
2. Click Sign Up/Log In at the top right
3. Click Sign Up
4. Complete all fields that apply to you. Then proceed to auction registration.
5. Click on Register/Add Auctions under My Account
6. Click on Register beside the Auction you want to participate in. (Grant County Mobile Home Distraint Sale)
7. You will need to either upload or E-sign the documents. Be sure to READ OVER all registration documents.
8. There will also be a box to put in the total dollar amount you want to spend in the auction. This amount will be your total limit you can bid in the auction.
9. Next, get with the county on the  deposit to be made. Once the county has approved you, visit the My Registrations page to check your approval status and verify your total approved dollar amount.
10. Once it says Approved next to the Auction you signed up for, you are good to place a bid in that county when bidding begins.

Placing Bids 

Follow these steps to place a bid during the Grant County, WA Mobile Home Distraint Sale. 
1. Log in and click on the Auctions tab. 
2. Click on the Unique Number for the parcel you want to bid on. Starting amount is listed as Face Value.
3. Click "Place Bid." You can place your total bid amount in the box next to Place Bid. Put in the total amount you are willing to go to, then click Place Bid. Please review your total bid amount before submitting it.
***Note: Please review your total bid amount before submitting. Once entered, bids cannot be undone. You can raise your bid, but you cannot remove it or lower it below the current winning bid amount. If you are the winning bidder, you will be responsible for the purchase price unless you are outbid.***
4. View your screen to see if you are winning (in green) or if you have been outbid (in red)
5. If any bids are placed in the last 10 seconds the bidding clock will extend to 1 minute.


Please review the payment verification form you signed when you registered on GovEase. This document will explain exactly how to pay for the remaining balance. Grant County Treasurer's office will handle all payments and refunds.

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