Colorado Foreclosure Sale Live Bidding and Reports

This training article is for the  Jefferson County, Colorado Foreclosure Sale. There may be different registration requirements and bidding methods for different county foreclosures in Colorado. Follow these steps to successfully register with GovEase for the upcoming Foreclosure Sale. Click here to view a schedule of upcoming sale dates. 

Placing Bids 

Follow these steps to place a bid during a Colorado Foreclosure Sale. 
1. Log in and click on the Auctions tab. 
2. Click on the Unique Number for the parcel you want to bid on. Starting amount is listed as Face Value.
3. Click "Place Bid." You can place your total bid amount in the box next to Place Bid. Put in the total amount you are willing to go to, then click Place Bid. Please review your total bid amount before submitting it. Minimum bid increments will be $500. Bids placed will be proxy bids and the auction system will bid for you up to the max you set.

For Example: If the starting bid is $180,795. The next bid you can type in as a minimum would be $181,000. The next minimum would be $181,500. The next minimum would be $182,000. These are minimums, if you know a certain max amount you would like to go up to, you can start with that for this example let's say you know the highest you would go up to is $250,000 then you could type that in to begin with and the auction system will automatically bid for you up to that amount. If no one is bidding against you, you would just win it at the starting bid amount, plus the GovEase Fee. Please call (769-208-5050) or email ( us if you have questions on bidding.

*Note: Please review your total bid amount before submitting. Once entered, bids cannot be undone. You can raise your bid, but you cannot remove it or lower it below the current winning bid amount. If you are the winning bidder, you will be responsible for the purchase price unless you are outbid.*

*You can only bid up to your approval amount - for example, if you are approved for $200,000 and are winning a property at $200,000 or close to $200,000 and you try to bid on another property, the system will not accept the bid, as it would put you over your approved amount.*

4. View your screen to see if you are winning (in green) or if you have been outbid (in red)

You have two options under "Reports"

1.   Bidder Purchase Detail: This would be a summary of all the parcels you won. Which can be downloaded.

2.   Completed Auctions: This would be a summary of all parcels that have been auctioned off.

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