What is a Max Overbid?

A Max Overbid is a proxy bid. This means that a user will submit a bid for the maximum amount they are willing to overbid. When the parcel goes to auction, the GovEase system will then bid on that parcel in certain increments set by the county over the next-highest bidder up to your Max Overbid amount. For Tulare County, California, they have chosen a minimum of $100 bid incrementsThe bid increments may vary from county to county. The starting bid amount is the Face Value amount which is the taxes owed plus fees/penalties. Anything in addition to that amount is the overbid amount.

Here is an example of how a Max Overbid works:

  1. I enter my Max Overbid of $500
  2. The parcel comes up for auction and goes live. I see that I am currently winning the auction with an overbid of $200
    1. This means another bidder placed a Max Overbid of $100. The GovEase system bids $100 over this bidder so that I remain the winner of this auction . The  GovEase system will continue to bid $100 over other bidders until the auction reaches my Max Overbid of $500. The bid increments may vary from county to county. Therefore, if the county set bid increments at $100, then the system would increase bids by $100 over the other bidders all the way up to your max. 
  3. As the auction continues, the winning overbid becomes $600, and I am no longer winning the auction.
    1. This means I've been outbid. Another bidder has placed a Max Overbid of $600 or more. My Max Overbid is $500, so the system will no longer bid for me since I set $500 as my true Max Overbid.
  4. Now I can decide to raise my Max Overbid or let the current bidder win the auction within the time on the bid clock.

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