Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an Account and Registration FAQs

1. How do I get approved to bid?

The approval process will depend on the county and state. You must register online for the specific county in which you wish to bid. You can typically begin registration three to four weeks before the tax sale date. However, this may vary. To register, you must use your GovEase account to electronically sign and/or upload any required documents. Then, you should contact each county tax office to get approved for that county. You will need to arrange payment and verify how much you want to be approved for, and then the county will approve you. 

2. How can I see If I am approved?

When logging in to your account, you can go to "MY ACCOUNT" and click on "MY REGISTRATIONS". You will see the approval status for each county that you signed up for and the approved dollar amount. 

3. Do you have to re-register each year?

Yes, you will have to complete new registrations for each county each year. However, you will NOT have to create a new GovEase account. You can still log in with your email and password from previous years. Your profile information will be the same, but you will still need to electronically sign or upload any registration documents for each county. You can do this by going to "MY ACCOUNT" on the left-hand toolbar and selecting "REGISTER/ADD AUCTIONS". If you need to make changes to your profile click "MY ACCOUNT" then click "PROFILE." On your profile, you can make any necessary changes and then hit "SAVE" at the bottom of the page. 

4. Can I register multiple companies with the same email?

No. You need to register each company with a unique email.

5. How can I add counties after I have created my account?

Under "MY ACCOUNT", select "REGISTER/ADD AUCTIONS". Click Register for each county you want to bid in and electronically sign and/or upload all documents.

6. How can I delete counties after I have registered?

We can't remove or delete counties that you have registered for from your account. However, if you are not approved for that county, then your account is inactive and cannot do any bidding. If you are approved by the county and you don't want to be approved, you would need to reach out to that county and have them unapprove your account.

7. Are there any fees associated with registering or bidding?

No. There are no fees to register with GovEase. Only the winning bidder will have to pay the county the total purchase amount.

Pre-Bidding and Live Bidding FAQs

8. Can more than one person be logged into the same account bidding at once?

Yes. More than one person can be logged in to the same profile and can bid at the same time.

9. When will the auction files be available for viewing?

Once the files from each county are loaded, we will send an email to all registered bidders, or you can log in and check the auctions tab at the top left.

10. Can I place a bid on all properties prior to the start of the live sale?

Yes. Once the property list is loaded, and pre-bidding has been enabled, you can bid on all properties you wish to bid on. You can place either a maximum overbid or minimum interest rate bid, depending on the state and county. Pre-bidding is typically only available to approved bidders a day or two before the tax sale date, but that may vary. You can do this by entering individual bids on each parcel or by using the Upload Bids tab to do mass bidding. The mass upload bidding feature will not be available during the live auction hours.

11. When can I begin to enter my pre-bids? What time will pre-bidding open?

Pre-bidding / max overbid entry will not be available until the county sends us their final sale file and it is loaded into our system. An email will be sent when this is available. There is also an updates tab at the top right when you log in to your account, viewable by clicking the bell icon. 

12. Will I be able to see the max overbids or pre-bids placed by other bidders?

No. You will only be able to see your own pre-bids.

13. When does the auction start?

Please visit for upcoming auctions and dates

14. Can I access the auction from my mobile device?

Yes. You can access the auction website on a mobile device, tablet, or any computer that has access to the internet.

15. Is the “face value” the amount of taxes owed on the property?

Yes. Face value is the actual taxes owed on the parcel plus any fees, penalties, etc. 

16. Can I increase / decrease my max overbid for a parcel during the live auction?

Yes. You can increase, decrease or clear your max overbid for a parcel during the live auction. However, if you are the current winning bidder, you are responsible for the total purchase shown until you are outbid.

17. Can I bid less than face value?

No. The minimum bid is the face value amount.   

18. Does the live bidding screen display the current winning bid?

Yes. The live auction screen displays the current winning overbid or current winning interest rate (depending on the auction) for the parcel that is being auctioned.

19. Where is the base tax shown during bidding?

It will be listed as the “Face Value”. The Face Value also includes any fees/penalties.

20. What is the sequence order for listing?

This will vary from county to county. Typically, the order of the parcels on the auctions page is how they will go into the live auction. 

21. On auction day, is only one parcel offered at a time?

Yes. One parcel is auctioned off at a time for each county. If for some reason there is a change, all bidders will be notified by email.

22. How are ties broken?

For most auctions, a tie bid will be broken by the first person to place the bid. This includes ties on max overbids entered prior to the beginning of the auction (pre-bids). For 0% tied bids in Alabama, the tie is broken by a random number generator. 

23. Will I be able to download the post-auction final sale list?

If you were approved to participate in an auction, results will be available for viewing (but not for download) for a short time after the conclusion of the sale. You can view these results by using the menu to navigate to "reports" and opening the "completed auctions" report. Make sure to filter these results for the correct county. Even if you weren't approved by the county, once the sale results are finalized, you can purchase them from:

24. Can you upload bids?

Yes. You can navigate to "Upload Bids" and follow the instructions. This is an entirely optional feature, but it comes in handy if you are pre-bidding on hundreds or even thousands of parcels at a time. The "upload bids" feature is not available if any auction is currently live. 

25. How do I look up a parcel number or owner for a particular property in a specific county?

On the "AUCTIONS" page,  use the search bar to search for a particular parcel number, unique # or owner name. Make sure the drop-down menu at the top of the screen is set to the county in which you want to search. 

26. If I am approved for $20,000 and I pre-bid for a total of $20,000, can I continue to bid?

Yes. You can pre-bid above your approved amount. The approved dollar limit only applies towards won auctions/purchases. After you reach your limit on purchases, your pre-bids will not be entered during the live auction unless you contact the county to have your limit raised. This is dependent on the county. It is up to the tax collecting official if they want to raise your approval amount.

27. When I set a max overbid, and someone else places a bid, will the system then place my max amount as the current winning bid?

No. The system will bid what the county has set as their minimum bid increment (typically $1) over other bids until it reaches your set max overbid amount. As an example, if you set a max overbid of $50, and somebody else bids $37, the system will only bid you up to $38. This is dependent on the county. Fremont County Colorado will be in $5 increments. For Alabama auctions, our system will bid 1% below the other bidder's interest bid down to the minimum interest bid you set. 

28. How do I bid just Face Value / Taxes Owed?

You can bid on a parcel at face value by entering $0 into the Place bid. For Alabama auctions, you are not overbidding at all. Instead, you are bidding the minimum interest rate you are willing to accept for that parcel.

29. What happens when there is no bid placed on a parcel?

That depends on the county/state. Give the county a call.

30. Do I have to log in during the live auction if I have already set my max overbids during pre-bidding?

No. Once you have your max overbids placed, our system will bid for you during the live auction up to the max overbid or minimum interest rate (Alabama) you have set.

31. If I bid a max overbid and someone outbids me during the live auction, do I still owe the county anything?

No. Only the winner of the auction owes the county the total purchase amount.

32. If I leave a check at the county courthouse, does that mean they will bid for me online?

No. You are responsible for using your account to place bids online.

33. Will I be notified when my parcel is coming up for auction

No. But you can view upcoming parcels on the live bidding page. Also, depending on the order of the sale for that particular county, you may be able to follow along by alphabetical order or parcel number order. It will depend on the county for their order of sale.

Training and Auction Information FAQs

34. How can I watch the online webinar again?

You can register for another webinar by going to Also, there is a knowledge base that has training articles and videos you can watch at any time.

35. How can I see what counties are participating online with GovEase and when?

Visit our website and click on the  Auctions tab at the top of the page. This page will provide a list of counties and the date they will be participating as of now. This may be updated periodically.

36. Will all the counties run their auctions at the same time?

Depends on the county/state. Please visit

Reports FAQs

37. Can I see a running total of my wins while the auction is in progress?

Yes. You can view the total parcels won and the amount spent at the top right on the Live Bidding page. You can also run reports anytime via the reports menu and click bidder purchase detail then filter by county and state and auction time period.

38. What type of documents will be available after the auction?

Under "REPORTS", you can see multiple reports that will give you a summary and detail of your purchases. You can also export these files into a CSV Excel file or PDF

39. Why can't I see what I have won anymore?

Sometime after the auction is over, we archive the purchase detail report. You can still access it by going to "Reports" and then "Bidder Purchase Detail." Filter by county and state and then make sure to select the correct auction reporting period. It will default to current auctions only, so you will need to click in the box and you will be able to see the state, year, and whether it was spring or fall. Select the reporting period that applies to you. 

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