Mississippi Rules of the Auction

This page serves as a list of general rules for Mississippi GovEase auctions. Different states utilizing GovEase may have different rules for auctions.

  • Live Bidding will begin on the first Monday in April or the last Monday in August, depending on the county. The auctions will continue from day to day (regular business days) until all parcels are sold. Bidding will begin at 8:30 am CDT and end at 4:30 pm CDT daily.
  • Payment MUST be arranged with each individual county tax office BEFORE the auctions begin. If you do not arrange payment, you will not be approved to bid. To learn how to get registered, please view our getting registered article. (The registration and payment process may change for a few select counties)
  • Parcels will be auctioned one at a time, and each parcel will be live for 30 seconds. They will be auctioned in the EXACT order they are listed on the website's auction page. 
  • Bidding on each parcel will begin at the 'taxes owed / face value' and continue in a 'bid up / overbid' manner until the auction reaches an end (when the time runs out).
  • You are responsible for paying the 'taxes owed / face value' as well as the 'overbid amount' (face value + overbid = total due).
  • There are two ways to bid during the live auction:
    • Place Bid - Enter the maximum overbid you would like to place on each parcel.
    • +$5 Quick Bid - Clicking this button will automatically add the stated bidding increment amount to the current winning overbid.
  • You will only enter the overbid (or excess bid) for the parcel on which you are bidding. It is understood that the ‘taxes owed / face value’ will be added to your overbid (or excess bid) as the total amount due to the county should you win the lien on that parcel. FOR EXAMPLE: if the face value is $100, and you wish to pay a total of $110 at most, you would enter an overbid of $10, NOT $110
  • To place a bid for the exact taxes owed with no overbid, you will enter “0” (zero) for your bid.
  • You may enter a Max Overbid at any time after the parcels have been loaded into the “Preview Auctions” page and pre-bidding has been enabled. This will register the maximum amount you wish to overbid for the parcel and will automatically bid in $1 increments over the next highest overbid, up to your Max Overbid amount. FOR EXAMPLE: if you place a Max Overbid of $10, and another bidder places an overbid of $6, the system will automatically bid you up to $7. 
  • The bid clock will reset to 10 seconds each time a bid is placed within the last 10 seconds of that auction. Once bids cease and time has expired, the auction will close. There may not be a clock reset for Hinds Dist 1 only. 
  • Ties are broken by selecting the first person to enter the bid. This includes Max Overbid entries prior to the live auctions beginning.
  • The bidder should fully research all parcels prior to the auction beginning. Neither GovEase nor the county tax office can offer investment advice. Should you have specific investment questions, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a competent legal professional.
  • All third-party images obtained and provided by GovEase may not be 100% accurate. Any parcel without a valid address will show a default view and will not represent the actual property. It is the bidder’s responsibility to carefully research each parcel on which they intend to bid.
  • The tax collector has the right to re-bid or remove a parcel at any time during or after the auction if they so choose. This is at the sole discretion of the tax office.

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