Mississippi Prebidding

This article applies to Mississippi prebidding only. Different states may have different requirements regarding prebidding. Once prebidding begins and you have been approved by the county, you can begin placing your bids. *Note: GovEase will send out an email to inform all bidders when auction files are available for prebidding.  (*Note: This article and video is updated periodically please check back often.) 

Follow these steps to prebid before the auction goes live:

1. Log in and click on Preview Auctions.

2. Find the parcel or parcels you want to bid on and put in your Max Overbid amount

3. Click Submit Max Overbid

4. Verify your bid was placed (your bid will display in green under My Bid Details) or view the Bidder Max Bid Detail under Reports

This video is a guide on prebidding:

Preview Auctions and Prebidding

There are four options under the Auctions tab:

1. Preview Auctions

2. Live Bidding

3. Upload Bids

4. Mass Delete

Start by clicking on Preview Auctions. When the auction files are given to GovEase from the counties, we will upload them into our system. We will send an email out to all registered bidders to let them know when they are uploaded. If they are not uploaded, they will not be listed on the page.

Once the preview files are uploaded and available for prebidding, it will look like something similar to this:

Once you find the parcel or parcels you want to bid on, you can simply put in your Max Overbid amount and click "Submit Max Overbid."

Searching for a Particular Property to Bid On

Using the Search/Filter option under the county drop-down menu, you can search for a parcel #, location, owner name, or unique #. You can also search by certain face value amounts or your watched properties. 

Once you type the information into the search field, click "Search Auctions" to filter out what you are looking for. This is the quickest way to find one or two parcels instead of having to search manually through hundreds or thousands of parcels.

If you are wanting to place Max Overbids on hundreds or thousands of parcels at a time, an optional feature is to upload bids. See the article on Uploading Bids.

Parcel Detail View

If you want to drill down into a parcel to get more information, you can click on the Parcel Number. From this view, you can see an aerial view of the parcel if this image is available. You can also see property description, primary owner name, unique number and if there is a previous tax lien on this parcel. This information is pulled from the counties back end system database. Sometimes not all the data is available.

Keep in mind the images may not always be 100% accurate, so it is always recommended that you do your own due diligence.  

You can also submit a Max Overbid from this screen. 

Watch list

You can star parcels that you are interested in by clicking on the star next to that parcel. You can do this on the Preview Auctions page, Parcel Detail View, or Upcoming Parcels on the Live Bidding page. Please note that your watch list will only be good when we update the final list of parcels the Weekend before the live tax sale. I recommend not starring parcels until the weekend before the tax sale.

This is an optional feature and added convenience for bidders. See the image below.

To view a Report on the total max overbids you have placed and to see an auction results summary, view the reports tutorial video.

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