Uploading Bids

This article only applies to Mississippi tax sales, other states may or may not have the uploading bid feature. An added feature with the GovEase auction website is that you can download the entire auction file for that county and upload hundreds or thousands of max overbids at one time. You can place max overbids on every parcel if you would like. *Note: This feature is available for prebidding only. The Upload Bids feature is not available during live auction hours. 

Keep in mind this is an optional feature. You do not have to use this feature to place a bid. The Upload Bids feature is for those bidders who want to place a large amount of max overbids at one time.

Here is how to Upload Bids:

  1. Under AUCTIONS, select "Upload Bids"
  2. Verify you have the appropriate county selected
  3. Under Step 1, select the "Click to Download" button to download the auction file
  4. Input your Max Overbids in the column titled "Max Overbid"
  5. Save the file
  6. Under Step 2, click the "Choose File" button and select your file
  7. Click the "Upload Bids" button
  8. Check the summary then click "Place Bids"
  9. Go to the Preview Auctions page and verify those max overbids are in green.

Here is a video on how to upload bids:

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