Mississippi Live Bidding

This article only applies to Mississippi live bidding, other states may have a different type of live bidding. The Live Bidding page will be available the first Monday in April for Spring County auctions and last Monday in August for our Fall County Auctions from 8:30 AM CDT to 4:30 PM CDT on business days Monday through Friday, but if the county does not have enough parcels to last till 4:30 PM than that county will end before 4:30 PM.  *Note: If you submitted Max Overbids on the Preview Auctions page, the system will automatically place your bids during the live auction.

Follow these steps to bid during the live auction:

1. Log in and click on the Live Bidding tab

2. Wait for the parcel you want to bid on to come up for auction

3. Place your Max Overbid amount in the "Submit Max Overbid" box 

4. Another option is to add $5 to the current overbid with the "+$5 Quick Bid" button

5. View your screen to see if you are winning or if you have been outbid

This video is a guide on live bidding:

As you can see from the image below, you can " Submit Max Overbid" on this screen or you can use the "+$5 Quick Bid." On this screen you can up your max overbid if you would like. 

Keep in mind if you are winning and you clear out your Max Overbid, you still have to pay what you were winning at the time of clearing. 

The "+$5 Quick Bid" button will place an additional $5 to the current overbid.  

Each parcel will be auctioned off in 30 second intervals one at a time. If you place a Max Overbid, the bid will need to be a minimum of one dollar over the Current Overbid. 

If there is a bid placed below 10 seconds, the clock will reset to 10 seconds. This prevents bidders from trying to snipe a last second bid to win. 

How to know if you are winning or if you have been outbid

If you are winning, the top header will be green and say "You are winning!" If you have been outbid by someone, the top header will be yellow and say "You have been outbid" like the example below. 

Keep in mind if you have a Max Overbid placed, the system will automatically bid at least one dollar over the Current Overbid to make you the winner and will continue do so until you have reached your Max Overbid amount.

*Note: Once you reach your Total Approved Purchase Amount in winnings, you will be cut off from bidding. 

To view a Report on your auction results summary, view the reports tutorial video.

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