What is a Max Overbid?

A Max Overbid is a proxy bid. What this means is that a user will submit a bid for the maximum amount they are willing to overbid. When the parcel goes to auction, the GovEase system will then bid on that parcel in $1.00 increments over the next-highest bidder up to your Max Overbid amount.

Here is an example of how a Max Overbid works:

  1. I enter my Max Overbid of $20
  2. The parcel comes up for auction and goes live. I see that I am currently winning the auction with an overbid of $11
    1. This means another bidder placed a Max Overbid of $10. The GovEase system bids $1 over this bidder so that I remain the winner of this auction.The GovEase system will continue to bid $1 over other bidders until the auction reaches my Max Overbid of $20
  3. As the auction continues, the winning overbid becomes $21 and I am no longer winning the auction
    1. This means I've been outbid. Another bidder has placed a Max Overbid of $21 or more. My Max Overbid is $20, so the system will no longer bid for me since I set $20 as my true Max Overbid
  4. Now I can decide to raise my Max Overbid or let the current bidder win the auction

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